Avoid Coronaviruses

Keeping your family safe is critical. It’s my hope to encourage you.

In 2013 they told me to put my mom on hospice and this 1 thing kept me from bringing so much as a cold into her home. I’m Alexia Clemens with White Brick Real Estate.

The corona virus is harmful because we can’t see it. If we could see it we would avoid it. What I had to do was change my mindset away from how I was raised -to not be concerned about germs and things- and instead imagine that I COULD see the virus, AND imagine that it was on EVERYTHING. Then you have power over it because the only way it can harm you is if you come in contact with it .

For instance :If I touched this door knob, then I touched my purse, then set my purse on the counter, then ran my hands through my hair THEN washed my hands. Think of everywhere that virus went for me to be in contact with it again, or spread it to someone I love. Instead, if you could SEE, it you 1) either wouldn’t touch it, or would have opened the door holding a tissue, then thrown the tissue away.

Think of the it being on everything. My experience has shown me it is possible to protect yourself, those you love, and the community around you.

I hope my experience is helpful in keeping you and your family safe.

For morE HELPFUL TIPS bit.ly/AvoidViruses


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