Avoid Coronaviruses

Keeping your family safe is critical. It’s my hope to encourage you. FOR MORE HELPFUL TIPS BIT.LY/AVOIDVIRUSES In 2013 they told me to put my mom on hospice and this 1 thing kept me from bringing so much as a cold into her home. I’m Alexia Clemens with White Brick Real Estate. The corona virus … Continued

Clermont Florida Residential Real Estate Market Recap

🛥🏌CLERMONT , Florida ✨🌅Real Estate Market Report October 2020: How’s the Real Estate Market in Clermont, Florida? Could you make more money for your Clermont house if you sell right NOW? Will you potentially LOSE money selling your Clermont, Florida home if you wait? Let’s not speculate! Look at the numbers for Clermont! The proof … Continued

Florida Florida Buyer Closing Costs Explained

Buying a house involves spending many thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands, of dollars. And then there are, of course, the closing costs, which can run as much as 5% of the loan. But with a little preparation and some guidance from qualified real estate professionals, you can navigate closing fairly painlessly. So in order that … Continued

Best Animal Behaviorist in Central Florida

Ever wish your Pet would listen to you just a bit more? You need the Best Animal Behaviorist in Central Florida. Best pet training or dog training in Orlando! Listen in as Alexia Clemens, of White Brick Real Estate, interviews Brian Gisi, Founder of Model Behavior Animal Training & Behavioral Solutions.