Avoid Coronaviruses

Keeping your family safe is critical. It’s my hope to encourage you. FOR MORE HELPFUL TIPS BIT.LY/AVOIDVIRUSES In 2013 they told me to put my mom on hospice and this 1 thing kept me from bringing so much as a cold into her home. I’m Alexia Clemens with White Brick Real Estate. The corona virus … Continued

Hey Alexia What are real estate contingencies?

HEY ALEXIA! What are real estate contingencies?

What are Contingencies? I’m glad you asked! If you are buying or selling real estate, these terms are important! Contingencies typically fall under four major categories: appraisal, loan approval, inspections and, reports and disclosures.

The Pros and Cons of Hiring a Property Manager in Central Florida

If you’re a controlling investor or landlord feeling overwhelmed by the day-to-day responsibilities of managing multiple properties, the idea of having an extra set of eyes and ears around to address any issues could sound pretty appealing. To help you decide if you’re ready to commit to getting some help, let’s look at the pros … Continued