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No matter your level of income, you may find that its hard to make ends meet.

This is a real problem. I am not negating the truthfulness that it is a problem or hard, however, would you also agree that if you want change to happen, you have to find a way to make changes? Change is hard, but not impossible. And it is possible to get out of debt and have a stress free relationship with money.

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First do these two things:

1)Understand that money is a means to an end. You can earn money. The degree to which you spend it ( all, or most, or more of it than you have coming in) limits the degree of choices you have in your future.

2) Imagine that you owed no debt. Take 15 minutes to really imagine it. What could you spend 100% of the income you now spend on your rent or mortgage, your car, your credit cards, and other debt?

That is what wealth feels like. Wealth is not about the amount of money

you make, it is about the choices your income avails to you.


If you like the way that life looks, then stifle your logic and read on with your imagination; because you are smart and your imagination will build a way to make this happen. No matter what you have to do to get there, make a plan to position yourself so that you can live on 70 percent of your after-tax income.

Did I hear you say that is impossible? Stop your logic, and use your imagination…Yes, it will feel like it is impossible when you start, and I will tell you that it will not be easy. But you can.

Let’s start with these baby steps:

Evaluate what you spend money on monthly and yearly. Actually right now, make a list of categories : housing, food, transportation, gas, insurance, clothing, entertainment, etc..

Every single item in each category will , at first, tell you that it is vitally important. Here is a way to help you decide what is a need and what is want or desire.

Really use your imagination. Think of someone, or something, that you LOVE dearly. If someone held them, or it, as hostage and for just the next 60 months ( that is 260 mondays) you had to trade 30% of the thing you spend money on now for the person or thing you adore, could you find a way to cut back, or even give it up completely for the next 60 months?

Then make the hard decisions. How can you reduce your spending cold turkey, or 10% every six months for the next year and a half? For instance, you might cut back on living expenses by moving in with family, or get a room mate, or car pool, or not buy any new clothes, or get rid of cable and internet.

Tell yourself daily, that you can’t get yourself ahead doing the same thing you did yesterday. Even if your expenses go up during the next 60 months, still adjust your spending until you are spending just 70 % of your income.

Here’s a true story. I know a man who has a successful online store. He does not have a computer or internet at home. He goes to the library and uses the computer and internet there. OMG ! Why? Because spending his money on internet and a computer does not directly make him money. He can get it for free. This is not the way 97 % of us think, or more accurately feel about money. But, he lives debt free, and has much wealth and many choices because of his relationship with money. He thinks of “her “ as a person , and he values his “ time with her ( his money).

The goal is to spend 70% of your income on living expenses,
and then, 
allocate the remaining 30 % this way:

10% to your Personal Savings

It has been said that “Poor people spend their money and save what’s left. Rich people save their money and spend what’s left.”

10% of your NET to Capital Investment Savings Account

With this amount, you are going to create wealth. Engage in commerce, even if only on a part-time basis, by buying, fixing, manufacturing and selling.

When it is time to start , find the episode of Financial Fridays to learn how to start investing.

10% of your NET to Charity

Charity is helping those who need assistance. Stay consistent with this plan for 12 months, then evaluate where you are, and re-evaluate your spending, saving, investment, and charity amounts.

Then repeat each year. In the amount of time it would take to pay off a new car- just 60 short months , 260 Mondays, you will find yourself in a different place than you are today.



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