If you were being sued, wouldn’t you want to hire the very best attorney to represent you, defend your position, and negotiate to obtain your goals?

Of course you would! You know by hiring an attorney who specializes and negotiates on your behalf can mean the difference between walking away a winner, or possibly coming out on the loosing end with less than what you desired.

Well, your home is no different. Remember, for an investment value as great as your home, be careful not to hire an agent whose only playing card is to reduce their commission because they don’t have certified negotiations experience.

Hiring a specialist, a Certified Negotiations Expert who has been tested, found qualified, and certified as having the knowledge and experience to negotiate is the right choice when selling ( or purchasing) your greatest single investment.


Make sure to hire A REAL ESTATE BROKER WHO is loyal to fulfilling your desires, assertive, and honest with both you and the buyer. You must be able to trust their skills as a Marketing and Communication expert, Coach and Facilitator, and Negotiator and Closer.

ONE MORE THING Before you sell: make sure you have considered everything you should, BEFORE putting your home on the market.

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Here’s What This Guide Will Do For You

It Will Get Rid of Your Biggest Frustrations by understanding the following:


Is Now the Time to Sell…How’s the Market and Is a Recession Coming…What Happened in 2019 for Sellers- Nationally…What Happened in 2019 for Sellers- Locally…Is Home Buyer Demand is Strong…What’s Going on with Interest Rates..Should You Hire a Realtor…Selling For Sale By Owner (FSBO)…4 Tips to Sell Your Home Faster…The NAR’s Annual Profile of Home Staging …Pricing Your Home Appropriately…Real Estate Agent vs Real Estate Marketing Specialist…4 Elements to a Quality Market Debut…Don’t Be Naive About a Real Estate Agent…AND MORE



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