Step 1: Make sure you know these 4 Things before you buy a waterfront home in Central Florida

Special considerations need to be taken to ensure that your future Central Florida estate will not only suit your lifestyle but also let you enjoy the lakefront activities you love. There are 4 things to consider to ensure you are buying your dream waterfront home in Central Florida. For this reason, your first step is to start by asking yourself some questions to get a feel for your expectations of waterfront property:

1) What types of activities do you enjoy?

This is a huge factor in choosing a waterfront property because you will want to choose a property that makes it easy for you to enjoy your favorite pastimes.

  • Boating. If you are an avid boater, you know the size of the boat is a crucial part of finding the right waterfront property. Some properties can not accommodate a large boat; with others, accessing the property is not feasible because of the lake’s depth.
  • Fishing. If you are a Fisherman, we understand you will prefer properties with easy access to the water. 
  • Kayaking or canoeing. Do you prefer a more intimate waterfront experience? A large, active body of water may be a good fit for many boaters, but if you kayak or canoe, or love to commune with nature, you may want to steer clear. You do not want to waste time looking at homes on a big, busy lake with jet skis, etc that you would end up regretting. 

2) How often do you plan to be there?

Some properties aren’t meant for year-round use. In Florida, is you are looking for a seasonal home, make sure Central Florida is a preferred destination over one of the Coasts where you could enjoy an oceanfront home where you can bring your family to and enjoy as a family getaway.

3) What other lifestyle needs do you have?

In addition to enjoying the activities you love, your waterfront home should provide for any other need you have. For instance, do you have current or future medical needs? We will be sure your property is convenient to a hospital. Or, if you travel often on business, we will your search to properties suitably close to an airport. 

4) What conflicting lifestyle needs do you have?  Sometimes a family’s desires are better served with a compromise. For instance, if one person loves the lake and another loves the ocean, we can assist you in finding a lakefront property near the ocean to make everyone happy.

Step 2: Location, Location, Location

You can trust this adage as the foundation of your investment. It is imperative to visit different areas and see what feels right to you. You have to love the community.

Once you focus on an area and start looking at specific properties, the most important thing to remember is to put your emphasis on the property rather than the structural building. For non- waterfront properties, the real value is in the house, not the land. However, with a waterfront home, almost your entire value is in the land.

Not all waterfront properties are equal; certain attributes make some waterfront properties more valuable than others.

  1. Sandy beach. Is a sandy shoreline important to you? It could equate to a more pleasant lakefront experience for the whole family. Young kids can play in the sand; seniors many find it easier to enter the water. This is a highly sought quality of lakefront properties making it especially valuable.
  2. View. This attribute can not be underestimated. It subtly brings tranquility inside when the view is accessible from key locations in the home. 
  3. Level lot. The flatter the lot the better; it makes access to the water easier. Some lakefront lots are steeper than others, making it more physically engaging to stroll to and from the lake.
  4. Proximity to water. Homes that are closer to the water allow you to be closer to wildlife, to keep an eye on your children, and to be more connected to the family on the shoreline when you are inside your home.
  5. Privacy. This often corresponds to the amount of lake frontage the property has. Some lakefront properties have as little as 50 feet of frontage, which offer very little privacy. Most find that one hundred feet will lend a sense of privacy, while 150-200 feet will provide you more privacy from your neighbors.

Depending on the area and the type of waterfront property you buy, other issues will present themselves during your search. In rural areas, for instance, you’ll have to make sure you have access to utilities, roads, and an adequate septic system. Never assume these will be available. 

With all of the considerations that go into buying a waterfront home, having a real estate agent who specializes in luxury waterfront estates in Central Florida is crucial. Your agent will be invaluable in guiding you through the complex issues from an initial virtual tour to walking through your new front door.