Digital Marketing Specialist vs Agent who uses Social Media :
When someone says “Digital Marketing”, what comes to mind? If you are like most people, you thought ” social media: facebook, instagram, Linkedin, twitter, etc. But while “Digital Marketing” incorporates these things, it is only one small aspect of the whole.

There are many aspects that come together for a true “digital marketing strategy”.

So , exactly what does 97% of the real estate agents mean when they say they market your home using social media, or digital marketing?

National Research as late as 2018 shows that 97% of the real estate agents market homes online through websites, blogs , and syndicated through the “MLS” or ” IDX” to other real estate brokers’ websites and to consumer sites/ apps like Zillow, Trulia,, etc. When these agents say they ” use Social Media” they mean they place the marketing for your home on their personal or business facebook and instagram profile; even fewer use youtube, twitter, linkedin, or other personal or corporate social media platforms. Studies show that just about 3% of real estate agents nationwide use platforms such as youtube ( the 2nd largest internet search engine) , and google; and unfortunately only a portion of these agents use the platforms correctly to maximize their full potential “reach”.

Now, before you deduce that placing your home’s marketing on a personal or corporate social media page, and having your virtual tour on youtube  is “good marketing” let’s understand that when the social media platforms started offering paid advertising to businesses, they severely limited the reach that one’s personal  or one’s business page has. For instance, on facebook, and instagram , not every follower will be able to see your real estate agent’s post in their feed; in actuality, approximately 3% of a personal page’s friends or business page’s followers are shown these posts.

The power of social media only happens when an agent pays for the advertising. And paying for the ad still isn’t enough. I can not tell you the number of business owners who have and continue to tell me ” I tried advertising on social media” and ” It didn’t work”. This is because , frankly, they aren’t doing it right. It is  imperative that paid social media advertisers 1) reach ” their target audience”, 2) build an engaged ” retarget” audience and 3) funnel your home’s marketing to the appropriate seeded audience. This takes, expertise, time and a large investment of advertising capital before you contracted with them as your sale agent.

Ok, so your agent will also email your home’s marketing to their sphere of influence? Quick question. Are you like me and don’t open 1/4 of your emails? How likely is it that the sphere of influence receiving your home’s advertising will open the email and what percent that do open the email will be actively looking for a property just like yours and how many of those people do you think will be qualified and ready to buy in the next 30-60 days?

The MOST effective advertising is “Digital Marketing” from a seasoned expert that incorporates all forms of digital advertising to targeted audiences that are actively looking , and qualified to purchase your home. This is a science and art that is not for the average agent. Is it extensive and complicated? Yes! Is it hard? You Bet! Is it expensive? Absolutely ! 

WHITE BRICK Real Estate has invested tens of thousands of dollars learning and staying ahead of the curve of “Digital Marketing”. Ask the agent you are interviewing what their digital marketing budget is.

  • WHITE BRICK Real Estate has ( as of the date of this writing) placed digital target advertising ( in addition to what the typical agent does) in 1.2 M digital locations  in six (6) specific Central Florida zipcodes alone ( not to mention their world wide reach).
  • Why is targeting these 6 zipcodes important? The most current Florida Research shows that most Florida residents move within 21 miles of their current location. WHITE BRICK Real Estate has ” seeded” the market for Floridians most likely to purchase your Central Florida home .
  • We have a National and Global reach also.
  • WHITE BRICK Real Estate spends so much money on digital marketing, that ( taking one for instance) Facebook reaches out to us regularly to schedule one on one time with members of our team to discuss the newest updates to the FB Algorithms.Ask the agent you are interviewing to provide you with an explanation of their digital marketing strategy, and ask if they use geofencing, and PPC also. These are topics for another time- or better yet, contact us at  or text us at (352) 559-4393  to set a time to discuss them as part of your home selling strategy to ensure that you get every single possible term that you desire from the sale of your home.

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