Rudeness and Arrogance is an Effective Play for Control Over You

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Science proves while Rudeness and Arrogance may seem like poor rearing, it is actually an Effective Play for Control Over You. 😲AND IT WORKS !! 🤓 Research states, “In all cases, the participants thought the rude people were more powerful…and “leader-like.” Your subconscious, however, knows”…such interactions are an attack on a part of our identity” it conveys “you’re not important enough to be treated better, he says — “you’re not really a legitimate person.”

Don’t think with time you can navigate the relationship so they are kinder in the way they communicate. Rudeness and Arrogance are not a matter of being unkind. 

The only use for this type of word and attitude choice (whether ingrained by rearing and applied to every person they know, or chosen in specific circumstances) is for covert influence of another’s subconscious.  If others have indicated they recognize it also, don’t dismiss it lightly. Instead, check for other possible tell signs of this type of covert emotional control in the potential relationship.

Especially if other’s describe them ( from past dealings) as having “gotten better”; perhaps they’ve simply learned when and how to keep their mouth shut so the “play” is less apparent.  Know it’s not just you. 

“Previous research consistently showed that being a target of or even just witnessing rude behaviors, leads to numerous negative outcomes, including an increase in negative affect, disruption of cognitive processing, and decreased cognitive performance ” 

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If you’re a party to a transaction with someone who is rude or arrogant, ensure you employ a professional negotiator. They will help you pick up on nuances that can not only protect you but be to your advantage. It’s pure neurological science.

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L.Alexia Clemens, Broker of White Brick Real Estate
Certified Negotiations Expert (CNE) & Real Estate Collaboration Specialist- Divorce ( RCS-D)