Best 2021 Buyer-Pleasing Ideas for Staging Your Home for sale in 2021
selling your house in 2021

Want to know how to make a buyer want to give you more money for your home? Keep reading for the best 2021 buyer-pleasing ideas for staging your home.

Giving your walls a fresh coat of paint is one of the easiest tasks you can do . The standard advice from most real estate professionals is to keep them neutral shades of white. But a more stylish approach, that elicits emotion in prospective buyers will drive them to reach deeper into their pocketbooks.

The old school of thought that said ” Why paint? Buyers will just want to repaint the walls before they move in anyway.” has been the farthest from the truth for years. The majority of buyers actually desire a move-in ready, turn-key approach when purchasing their next home. So, it vital to make it your goal to make each room feel fresh, inviting, and desirable so prospective buyers can imagine themselves living there. That doesn’t translate to bland, boring, and devoid of style. Elegant, crowd-pleasing neutral paint colors can help you stage your home to perfection.
And, make sure when choosing colors, that you take into consideration the light and shadows that move across the interior during the day, fo it will affect the mood a buyer has when viewing the property. A skilled real estate broker can lay out a plan specific for each room of your house, that will bring you a high return.

Lighting is the next most important item that should be on your list if you want to bring in top dollar. And exactly the right LUMENS, not watt, is important to know when installing lightbulbs as this can make or break the impact of your staging strategy. Updated lighting isn’t a big investment considering the high return. But it is extremely important to choose the right style and features that are most popular, are the proper size for the room, and to install the correct color balancing bulbs to enhance the walls and create an uplifting “must-have” feeling in the hearts of prospective buyers. Again, a skilled real estate broker can lay out a plan specific for each room of your house, that will bring you the highest return.

When thinking about cabinets and their countertops, think clean, crisp, and captivating. Believe it or not, I’ve heard buyers let at a little squeal when opening and closing cabinet doors and drawers and running their hands across the top. That doesn’t mean the existing countertops, cabinets, and handles, need to be replaced, though.

To realize the highest profit when selling your house in 2021, hire a skilled real estate broker who knows how to lay out a strategic plan specific for each room of your house. Doing so will ensure you have the key to implement the best buyer-pleasing ideas for staging your home.