3 Musts to choose a Top Rated Home Inspector Orlando Central Florida


If you are if you’re looking to buy a home you absolutely have to be certain that you hire the right home inspector.
I am here with Aubrey Kahn.

Aubrey what are the top three things that they really need to look for in a home inspector?

First of all, interview that inspector. You have to build a relationship of trust. If you don’t trust that inspector don’t hire him

Number two: you’re probably buying the most expensive purchase of your life.
Don’t go for a cheap inspector. You will get what you pay for. Yeah.

Number three: make sure that your inspector is not just licensed but has experience, preferably in the building industry. For instance, I have five and a half years of roofing experience. Prior to that, I had my own insurance agency. So I know the insurance side. I know the construction side; and I’ve been in this business since, well sometimes I think I inspected the ark for Noah.

I know Aubrey really is a rock star! When he’s looking at homes for my buyers I’m telling you, he takes.. he’s so incredibly thorough! I’m there for hours and hours and hours So if you’re looking for a fantastic home inspector click the link below and get all his information.

So look, if you want an absolutely thorough Home Inspector and get the information that Aubrey has for you. Here is Aubrey’s CONTACT INFORMATION